Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Reinstall SG-3100

 I had a Netgate 3100 go down after a storm recently and I had to do a reinstall of the software.  Below is the process I went through.

1.  Create USB install with pfSense-plus-SG-3100-recover-21.02-RELEASE-p1-armv7.img.gz image. I used etcher to create the USB stick.

2.  Insert USB and boot the 3100.

3.  Stop the boot to where you have the Marvell prompt.

4.  Type "run recovery". (You may have to type "usb reset" first if it does not recognize the USB drive).

5.  Walk through install.

6.  Reboot and take out USB.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

OpenVPN Site To Site

 pfSense has the ability to do site to site VPNs either with IPSec or OpenVPN. Both are capable of being very secure. But one of the things I like about the OpenVPN site to site is that you can configure a firewall to be a vpn server and the remote as a client.  This is especially good when the remote has dynamic address assigned to it. No messing with dynamic dns and you never need to know the remote power IP.  It's not that hard to setup and it's a good solution. There are many things that I do like about the pfSense box, and this is one of them.